Detroit People Mover

Thank you for your interest in advertising with the Detroit People Mover!

The Detroit People Mover has been iconic to the City of Detroit. For over twenty years DPM has carried downtown Detroit workers, visitors and attendees (concerts, sports, festivals, etc) to and from their destinations. With ridership of over 2,000,000 and growing, the Detroit People Movers advertising values are endless and unmatched in the Downtown Detroit area. The Detroit People Mover is frequently featured in Television, Motion picture vignettes, magazines, newspaper articles and other media outlets. This bonus exposure can certainly add to the vast variety of advertising opportunities available to Businesses or Corporations of any size.

Our company, PTN-NRS, is pleased to represent the Detroit People Movers Magnificent assets. Together we will assure that your company receives the maximum exposure available.

Here is some general information about our many advertising opportunities:

  • Five (5) 2-car trains are always running consecutively during regular hours of operation
  • There are thirteen (13) People Mover Stations along the 2.9 mile route

Types of Advertising opportunities available are:

  1. Exterior Train full Wrap (both cars) 
  2. Interior Train signage (Translites) in 3 sizes
  3. Window signage in station (various sizes available)
  4. Wall and banner signage in stations (various sizes available)
  5. Stairway and riser signage in stations (quantities vary by station)
  6. Station Domination; Advertising exclusively on one or more of the 13 available DPM stations
  7. Naming Rights; Exclusive advertising rights and renaming of one or more DPM stations (upon availability)      

For complete information, please contact:

Vetra Stephens, Regional Director of Corp. Accounts or 313-381-9746